Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant

Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant is Kazakhstan’s largest enterprise for the processing of crude oil and the production of petroleum products. The company is one of the three main suppliers of fuel to the national market, and also exports products abroad.

Plant history

Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant was founded in 1978 for the purpose of processing raw materials coming from West Siberian deposits in the region. Annually, the plant processes up to 6 million tons of oil products.

The enterprise is owned by KazMunaiGas National Company JSC, the main shareholder of which is the state.

Successes and achievements

The depth of crude oil processing is up to 85%. In terms of production efficiency, the refinery is competitive to the world leaders.

Raw materials are processed as a fuel, which allows obtaining high quality boiler and motor fuels at low investment costs. As a result, automobile and aviation gasoline, as well as diesel oil produced by the plant have low production costs and an attractive price for consumers.

The company is continuously engaged in technical improvement of production, which allows improving the quality of products, reducing the costs and expanding the range. Leading foreign specialists are involved in the reconstruction work.

In 2017, the production was modernized. As a result of which the company has two new technological complexes:

  • Complex of isomerization and splitter of naphtha, designed to produce Isomerate (a high-quality gasoline component).
  • Sulfur production complex.

In the course of the reconstruction, the main production facilities were also modernized and 12 business facilities, providing production activity, were commissioned. This enabled production of diesel oil and RON92 and 95 gasoline in accordance with the requirements of the customs union.

Values and goals

The plant is currently facing the following goals:

  • Supply of oil products corresponding to K4 and K5 ecological classes to the extent fully satisfying the internal needs of Kazakhstan.
  • New Jet 1A fuel release.

Increase in production life, which will allow switching to 3-year repair cycle.

Plant products

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