Atyrau Oil Refinery

Atyrau Oil Refinery (further the Atyrau OR), formerly Guryevsky Oil Refinery, is one of the three largest crude oil refineries in Kazakhstan. The refinery produces and sells petroleum products in the domestic and foreign markets in the volume of approximately 5 million tons per year. The controlling interest in the refinery belongs to state company KazMunaiGas JSC.

OR history

Atyrau OR was founded in 1945 and became the first oil refinery in Kazakhstan. It was under construction for 2 years. The first units were supplied by the USA under the Land-Lease Assistance Program. They were designed to produce 800 thousand tons of aviation gasoline.

During the next 3 reconstructions of the plant it was possible to increase the production capacity up to 5.5 million tons, as well as to establish the production of other fuels.


Currently, the production is carried out by the following units for the production of petroleum products:

  • ЭЛОУ-АТ-2 (Crude Desalter Unit), with a capacity of 2 million tons. Designed for primary processing of crude oil.
  • ЭЛОУ-АВТ-3 (Crude Desalter Unit), with a capacity of 3 million tons. It carries out primary distillation of crude oil and vacuum distillation of fuel oil. Produces: white spirit, jet fuel, autocomponent, diesel oil, fuel oil, tar and vacuum gas oil.
  • ЛГ-35-11/300-95 (Catalytic Reforming Unit), with a capacity of 1,000 tons. Designed for processing straight-run gasoline to produce domestic gas, process fuel, high-octane catalysts and hydrogen-containing gas.
  • DCU, with a capacity of 720,000 tons. Designed to produce: petroleum coke, furnace fuel, wet gas, heavy gas oil, coking gasoline.
  • Flare facility.

The depth of crude oil processing is 87%, which corresponds to the best industry indicators in the world. Currently, the Atyrau OR is the most technically advanced oil refinery in Kazakhstan and continues to work on improving its technological and environmental standards.

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